Aires Africanos – Ecoturismo en camello por Doñana

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Film and advertising shoots

Our dromedaries have starred in the filming of high-voltage national films, and have also been the image in advertisements, and sometimes a famous face has asked us to use them for very personalised events.
A nuestros dromedarios y al resto de nuestros animales les encanta llamar la atención y están en el foco.

Medieval markets, events or weddings

If you are a Councillor for Culture or festivities and you are thinking of organising a Medieval Market, or you are a Wedding planner and you want to surprise the bride and groom with an original wedding, or you are an Event Organiser and you want to make an eye-catching parade... you are in the right place.


Celebrations - BBC

We love to be at the BBC (Weddings, Baptisms and Communions). We attend wherever you tell us and wherever you require.


Celebrations - LQS

In this case, we will focus on the LQS (Lo Que Salga), such as an anniversary, a high voltage birthday, a bachelor party, a retirement or whatever you can think of.



Team building activities aim to bring together teams made up of people with, usually few things in common, and lay the foundations for them to take the team out of its routine life and provide value to be applied later in day-to-day life back in the office.
Si quieres te contamos lo que tenemos pensado para ti.

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