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Listen to our Dune Park carol

parque dunar (villancico)

It is a time of joy in the Parque Dunar. The magic of Christmas can already be felt. The Three Kings of Orient, once again, will pick up their camels in Aires Africanos to travel through many villages of Huelva and Andalusia, accompanied by their ambassadors, the Royal Postmen, who will carry in their saddlebags the illusions of the children.  

The tradition has been revived through the centuries with the same strength as it did when the Star of the East led Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar on the back of three dromedaries to the Bethlehem portal. 

The image has remained clear and indelible in the minds of millions of generations, and so the Three Wise Men and their camels have become a symbol of a tradition that represents the illusion of what can be.

"Christmas, Christmas, Christmas... Christmas in the Parque Dunar".

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What we do at Christmas

At Christmas our dromedaries want to see everyone happy, that is why we are present at Christmas markets or living nativity scenes, and we are also part of the procession of the Royal Postmen and Emissaries wherever it is necessary, being the most faithful companions of our beloved Three Wise Men in the famous Three Wise Men parade.

Si quieres contar con nosotros para estos momentos inolvidables, solo tienes que hacer clic en el botón de abajo y organizamos todo en unos minutos.

Pareja-Obregón gave us the Christmas carol "Navidad en Doñana".

Christmas is approaching and with it its traditional soundtrack. The Christmas carol will be sung and played again after 5 centuries.
¡No hará falta pincharlo una segunda vez para quedarse con su pegadiza melodía!

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